Watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live Streaming Full RDS Horse Show Season Online and TV Listings

Dublin Horse Show 2022 schedule has been announced, which is going to start on August 17th to 21st at Dublin City, Ireland. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they will allow fans with strict policies and could be a limited number of fans. So, it will be better to look at the Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live stream options.

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In this article, all the Dublin Horse Show fans will get a complete guideline to watch the Dublin Horse Show 2022 live stream and Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup 2022 live stream with and without the cable network. Watch RDS Horse Show 2022 Live Stream Online in 4k.

Would you like to Watch Dublin Horse Show is an Ireland horse racing championship, which usually takes place from August. Top 50 riders from all over the world will participate in Dublin Horse Show Championship.

Dublin Horse Show 2022 at a Glance

Championship: Dublin Horse Show 2022
Start Date: Wednesday, August 17, 2022
End Date: Sunday, August 21, 2022
Rounds: Five
TV Channel: RTE and the FEI
Live Stream: WATCH NOW  dublin horse show live button

Dublin Horse Show 2022 Schedule

5 days long 2022 Dublin Horse Show will take place on locations across the Ireland.

The following step by step guideline will help the viewers to watch 2022 Dublin Horse Show live streaming.The Dublin Horse Show continues to be the pinnacle event in the Irish Sport Horse calendar and is the ultimate day out for any horse lover, with 1,500 horses and ponies competing in over 130 classes and competitions across the five days

Watch 2022 Dublin Horse Show Live Stream Free on Cable TV in the Ireland

The only way to watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live for free is your cable TV. Tuning on RTE and the FEI will give free access to your TV.

Before that, you have to make sure your local cable TV provider gives RTE and the FEI channel.

Otherwise, you will not be able to watch for free on TV. There are also options to watch RTE and the FEI without cables.

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Dublin Horse Show 2022

How to Watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live Stream Online Without Cable

There are many options to watch Dublin Horse Show on RTE and the FEI without cable. Popular ways are to watch TV streaming services. On streaming services, subscribers have to pay less. Additionally, they will get all types of channels in a single subscription.

Besides third party TV streaming there another option to watch only RTE and the FEI TV which is RTE and the FEI. To subscribe to Sports Gold, no third party subscription is needed. This Gold subscription allows only sports streaming. They have different prices for different events.

Dublin Horse Show 2022 RTE and the FEI pass will cost $69.99 while individual week pass is $9.99. These subscription plans come with the live stream, replays, highlights and after match discussion.

RTE and the FEI Horse Show supports all the streaming platforms including Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, iOS/Android and web browsers. Following is the list of the third party TV streaming services to watch RDS Dublin Horse Show 2022 Stream live online.

fubo TV

fubo TV is best for soccer fans. Still, you will be able to watch Dublin Horse Show along with H&C, EQSN NBA, CBS Sports, Soccer, Fox Sports Channels on fubo TV.

fubo TV has 4 subscription plans. Standard for $54.99/month, Family for $59.99/month, Entertainment for $69.99/month and Ultra for $79.99/month. The first 3 plans come with 92 channels and 2 simultaneous device streaming. Additional streaming devices can be added for $6/month.

The standard package comes with 30 hours of free cloud DVR space that can be expandable to 500 hours for an additional $10/month. All other plan comes with 500 hours DVR space.

It has 7 days free trial option with no contracts and no hidden fees.

Sling TV

According to the cost-effective pricing, Sling is the market leader. They have a bit complicated pricing strategy including dozens of add-ons.

Initially, Sling has 2 packages Sling Orange and Sling Blue. Orange has 34 channels including EQSN for $25/month. Sling Blue offers 49 channels with three simultaneous streaming for $25/month. Blue doesn’t have H&C and EQSN.

There is another package combining both Orange and Blue for $40/month. It comes with 56 live channels including RTE and the FEI. It also allows streaming on four devices at a time.

Additionally, there are lots of add-ons available to add some premium channels and languages. Sling subscription plans don’t include DVR space. An additional $5/month will give you 50 hours of DVR.

Like other platforms, it offers 7 days trial before taking any payment. Sling orange will let you watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 live streaming.

Watch Dublin Horse Show Live on Hulu with Live TV

Hulu comes up with a single pricing strategy rather than variations of packages like the competitors.

Hulu+ Live TV will cost only $44.99/month. Which includes all the major sporting channels like RTE and the FEI Sports, All the ESPN network, CBS Sports, FOX Sports 1 & 2 and RTE and the FEI TV channel.

Hulu Live TV offers 67 channels and streaming on 2 devices at a time. It also comes with ESPN and Disney. An additional $9.99/month will let you watch on unlimited devices and watch many channels on the same screen. On top of that basic plan allows watching unlimited screens on the home Wi-Fi network and 3 devices on mobile data.

50 hours of DVR space comes with this $44.99/month plan. Which also has up-gradable options to 200 hours for an additional $9.99/month. This single plan also gives access to the Hulu on-demand library.

Like others, it also offers a free 7 days trial. This single plan without any additional add-ons is good enough to watch RDS Dublin Horse Show 2022 live stream online.


AT&T TV now is formerly known as DirectTV Now. Their pricing is higher than the available competitors in the market, but they ensure good service.

TV Now has 7 different packages for the viewers. The name of the packages is Plus, Max, Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate. Pricing starts from $50/month to $135/ month.

To watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 live stream, subscribing Plus package for $50/month is enough. Plus also gives you more than 45 channels, 20 hours DVR and HBO. It also offers 2 device streaming at the same time.

With 7 days of the free trial, you can try any of the packages before you buy it.

PlayStation Vue

PS Vue has a large number of sports channels in their packages. The pricing also reasonable according to their offered services.

Vue has 4 different packages. Access for $44.99/month, Core for $49.99/month, Elite for $59.99/month, Ultra for $79.99/month.

If you only want to watch RDS Horse Show 2022 live stream, Access plan is good for you. Access offers 50 channels, 5 multiple devices streaming the same time and ESPN, Disney.

Vue also has a DVR option, which allows saving the record for 28 days. It also offers 5 days trial period.

YouTube TV

YouTube offers some of the best features with single pricing. They have focused on quality service rather than a different pricing strategy.

YouTube TV costs only $49.99/ month. Which allows watching more than 70 channels. All the major sports are available with this single price.

YouTube can be watched on almost all the devices which also permits streaming on 3 devices simultaneously.

One of the best features of YouTube TV is, it offers unlimited DVR space. Recordings will be stored on the YouTube server for 9 months.

They also offer 7 days free trial. Considering all the features and pricing, YouTube is our pick to watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 live stream online without cable.

How to Watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live Stream from Anywhere

All the possible streaming ways we have mentioned earlier are for only in the USA. Those streaming services are not accessible from outside of the USA network. It has been seen that sometimes US subscriber visits other parts of the world.

They will not have any access to their favorite streaming companies, regardless of having the paid subscription. In that case what to do? You have to log in from a US IP address to access that subscription. VPN and DNS will let you watch 2022 Dublin Horse Show live online from anywhere.

Watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live Stream using VPN

VPN is the easiest way to access blocked content using the Ireland IP address. All the Irish TV streaming services blocked their content in other countries. So, you will not be able to log in to another location even you are already subscribed to them.

Use VPN to hide your IP and Watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 RACE from Anywhere

dublin horse show vpn

VPN or Virtual Private Network will provide you Ireland IP address. A simple Google search will give you hundreds of VPN suggestions. You have to download any good one and install to your computer. After that, you will need to register and play. After you are done with the payment, select a Ireland IP from the vast list of the IP locations. Finally, connect it.

You are all set to use the VPN and enjoy Dublin Horse Show live online.

Smart DNS Proxies

Besides VPN there is another option to bypass an IP address. Which is called DNS. DNS shows the location of a PC or electronic device. Anyone can change their computer’s location virtually changing the DNS of that PC. Users can Google about it and change their current DNS and bypass it.

Though changing DNS is free, but we recommend using a VPN.

Dublin Horse Show Live Video Pass

Dublin Horse Show Live Video Pass is a great way to watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 outside of the Ireland. Video Pass covered all the dirt races including RDS Horse Show Cup. It also has an archive of all the previous events.

Besides live races, they also show documentaries, race day qualifying, and TV series. Dublin Horse Show Live Video Pass costs $129.99/ year and $29.99 for a single round.

How to Watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live in Ireland

Video pass is a good option to watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 in Ireland. Apart from this Fox may broadcast.

Watch Dublin Horse Show Live Online on Social Media

There are sometimes unofficial streaming opportunities that come on social media. But those are not certain.

How to Watch Dublin Horse Show Live Stream on Facebook

There is no official live streaming available on Facebook. Dublin Horse Show  is a premium event, therefore it will not broadcast on Facebook unless they make any agreement on Facebook. If you see any Dublin Horse Show live streaming on Facebook, those are illegal.

Watch Dublin Horse Show Live Streaming on Twitter

Like Facebook, there is no streaming available on Twitter. But, Fans can get a live update on Dublin Horse Show official twitter account.

As well as on rider’s official pages.

Watch Dublin Horse Show on Instagram

Instagram is a free to use social media platform. Watching Dublin Horse Show  2022 is not free at all. So, it will not be available on Instagram.

Can I Watch Dublin Horse Show Live on Reddit?

A lot of fans ask this question. There is a rumor that Reddit has its streaming platform like live streaming companies. The truth is Reddit is a discussion-based social media. They do not provide any live streaming services.

Dublin Horse Show Live on Radio

Dublin Horse Show doesn’t any official radio channel. But local channels will provide live updates from time to time. Make sure to tune on local radio channels if you are unable to watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 Live on TV.

Can I watch Dublin Horse Show on Amazon Fire TV?

Yes! You can watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 live stream on Amazon Fire TV. Fire is a streaming device from Amazon, not a streaming service. To watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 on Amazon, you have to subscribe to any of the TV streaming services and install it on your Amazon Fire TV.

Can I watch Dublin Horse Show on Apple TV?

The answer is yes. Just buy any live streaming service we have discussed above and install it on your Apple TV and sign in to your account.

Can I Watch Dublin Horse Show on Roku?

Streaming of Dublin Horse Show 2022 is available on Roku through live TV streaming services. Buying a Sling plan is a good option to watch on Roku. Sling provides free Roku express with their plans.

Can I Watch Dublin Horse Show Live on Xbox One?

Only Sling subscribers can watch Dublin Horse Show live on Xbox One.

Stream Dublin Horse Show Live through Kodi Guide

Kodi is a media player to stream unlimited movies, TV or sports. But legal actions can be taken if found illegal streaming. In that case, using a VPN could save your ass. Make sure you read all the information on the internet before using a Kodi player.

Is Dublin Horse Show Futures on TV?

No. Since Dublin Horse Show futures are not for the professionals, it doesn’t provide live streaming on TV.

What channel is Dublin Horse Show in 2022?

Dublin Horse Show will be on the RTE and the FEI TV network and you will get to see highlights and analysis too.

Dublin Horse Show 2022 Tickets

There are two kinds of ticket buying policies available. One is an individual ticket and another one is group tickets. Tickets are available on the official website. Tickets start from as low as $25 to $272 each.


Dublin Horse Show 2022 starts at Huston and ends at Salt Lake City. RTE and the FEI is an official live streaming channel for 2022 Dublin Horse Show. But there more options out there to watch RDS Horse Show 2022 live stream from anywhere.

As we have discussed RTE and the FEI, fubo TV, Hulu, Sling TV, PS Vue, AT&T TV Now and YouTube TV are the best options to enjoy Dublin Horse Show live.

Above mentioned guidelines will help the fans to decide on subscribing to the right channel to watch Dublin Horse Show 2022 live stream online.

Fans can get to know the live updates and discuss on social media. We will keep updating every week’s Dublin Horse Show live streaming information.